Led by Joy | 12 x 16 Original

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This original is part of Jennifer's "House of Joy" line of paintings which celebrate the supernatural JOY of the Lord! These paintings also go to support Jennifer's House of Joy ministry in Downtown Los Angeles.

Jennifer's Inspiration: The bible tells us God is love so I use a fun large cartoonish heart to represent him and we also know from the word that God is extremely joyful so I have the heart happy and laughing! You'll see the figure underneath him which represents anyone of us choosing to walk with him as he we follow his lead. Walking through life led by his love and joy is wonderful!!! There's so much goodness when we realize he LOVES us and ENJOYS being with us. WE can walk right along with our awesome joy-filled God, Jesus Christ!

  • 12x16 inch original acrylic painting on canvas
  • Canvas is 1.75" deep
  • Ready to hang without a frame!
  • Canvas is signed on the back along with the title
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  • email jmainshop@gmail.com if you are interested in a print