I Love Life. I Hate Life. | 24x34 Canvas Print

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This is a print on canvas which comes ready to hang without a frame and measures 24" x 34". I created the original painting around 2012 and it was an honest struggle I would go through where I would fully love life and feel it's beauty. I would be so thankful to be alive and excited about all that was possible and then I would switch to the other experience of truly hating life. I would begin to feel detached and depressed. I would wish that I could die. I would feel overwhelmed with anxiety trying to keep up. I would lose sight of purpose and it would really be tough during those times. I feel I've gotten A LOT of freedom from being in that back and forth cycle the more I know God and have allowed him to heal me, but the internal struggle between both can be so very real just by being human. On the artwork it says:

"The merciless pressure in my heart. How to get relief? How to keep up with the fast pace of life? Must I swim in the current? I am happy one moment and ready to enter heaven the next. Myself wars with myself. Smiling. Crying. Laughing. screaming inside. I love Life. I hate Life. God help me."

The yellow girl represents the happy side and the blue girl represents the sad side and they are attached to each other like Siamese twins because the struggle can feel like two different people, yet all in one person.