The Enemy is Under My Feet | no. 2 | Framed Art Print

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Jennifer hand painted this wood frame and sealed a print of her drawing on it. The way it's is done gives it the look of an original.

Jennifer's Inspiration: "The Enemy is Under My Feet" is a visual reminder that as believers we've been given full authority through Jesus to keep the enemy under our feet! He has no power over us unless we give it to him! I added this scripture from Luke 10:19 to the back where Jesus says "Look, I have given you authority over all the power of the enemy, and you can walk among snakes and scorpions and crush them. Nothing will injure you." Tell the enemy and all his lies where to go! We live in the reality of a spiritual battle and our enemy is not people but against evil spirits that want to keep us down, but Jesus has given us victory through his work on the cross so let's walk in that victory! I think the flower with the eye can represent growing new vision to see spiritual realities. I like that the girl's arms make the shape of the cross (not done intentionally). I also love that she has a calm demeanor. She doesn't have to fight in her own strength, she just has to enforce the victory that Jesus already one!

  • The measurement including the frame is 5"x 9"x 2"
  • Looks great on a table top or shelf.
  • It can also be hung on a wall (no hanging hardware included)
  • The back is signed by Jennifer
  • domestic shipping & taxes are included (int'l shipping will will have extra costs)