Stay Weird | 9.5x12.5 Original

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This painting was done during a time I was experimenting with spray paints and cutting my own stencils. Super fun!!! I love the message to stay weird...simply meaning that each of us has an element of weirdness & uniqueness that others may have tried to stomp out of you or maybe it's been misunderstood or maybe you've tried to hide the true you, but that weirdness is needed!!! We each bring something different to this world and we need to honor those differences rather than trying to be like everyone else so PLEEEEASE STAY WEIRD!!! Let the real you shine!

ALSO, if you look up the definition of 'weird' it also means 'something supernatural'!... and we desperately need people who are keeping the supernatural a reality. God is real and he is supernatural and he is looking for those of us who he can display his supernatural powers through. Stay WEIRD!!!


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