Use Wisdom in Love | original 6x19

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  • This is the original and it measures 6"x19".
  • I painted it in acrylic and it's on a wood panel that is 3/4" deep.
  • The back has pre-drilled holes to hang on the wall easily.
  • This painting does not need to be framed unless you choose to do so.
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Jennifer's thoughts...

When I see this painting is makes me think of how the girl is nude (except for the socks! lol!) and to me it represents being vulnerable...being able to explore love and the relationship she may be in with honesty. She is lying down which represents that she is taking time to be still, to rest, and to listen to Wisdom.

She looks out to wisdom for help and the two owls are there to give her some good advice concerning love. I used owls because they often represent wisdom and being able to see in the dark..AND there are 2 owls rather than one because she is getting a 'double portion' of wisdom.

You'll also notice she's pointing at a heart and an arrow. To me this shows she has a question concerning love and she wants an answer that is specific and hits the mark.

Love is beautiful and vital, but we know it comes with complexities, questions, and it can often stopping to pray and think and get wisdom while remaining honest and vulnerable yourself is a good way to go!

I hope you enjoy the painting and of course if it represents something else to you that's awesome as well!!