Different Perspectives | 18x24 Original

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  • 18x24 inch original chalk pastel on paper
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  • comes in a clear protective sleeve
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    Jennifer's Thoughts:

    "This piece makes me think of how healthy it is to be open to different perspectives and not get so stuck in our one way of seeing things. Each eye makes me think of how she is considering different ways of seeing a situation. She's been willing to get advice from others and has listened to different ways of going about a situation.

    I know I often like to think my way is best because it's what I'm familiar with, but how refreshing it is if I humble myself and look to learn other ways of approaching things.

    I was just recently learning someone's ways of organizing and I realized there were some new ways of approaching cleaning & organizing with so much more joy & clarity with a lot less frustration.

    Keeping an open teachable heart is so good! It also keeps us from judging and being defensive which feels so good when we move into more understanding and acceptance...even if it's simply to agree to disagree."