Outside In | 18x24 Original

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  • 18x24 inch original chalk pastel on paper
  • UNFRAMED *framed photo is only for example
  • ships flats in a clear protective sleeve
  • this image is on the cover of and in the 2020 Calendar
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Jennifer's Thoughts:

This is an original chalk pastel on paper which I believe I did in 2017. I wanted to try something new to spark some fresh ideas and so I wrote names of various things as well as a mix of adjectives and verbs and then I cut them up and put them in a bag. I had a certain number that I could pull out and then had to create art from the handful of words. If I remember correctly this one was made from the words "mountains", "chair"& "window". I did a few pieces of art this way and had fun doing it! in this piece I like the idea of bringing the outside to the inside...to not get so caught up in everything so much that we forget to enjoy the beauty of nature surrounding us. It also makes me think of the power of focus & desire... As she holds the mountains in her hand and gives her attention to it I believe she then ignites desire to be in the mountains...as she thinks more on it she begins to actually feel & see the mountains by faith...as this goes on it becomes like a prayer that gets answered and she finds herself surrounded by the very thing she was focusing on...the mountains are now inside her space as well as outside. To me it's a reminder of the power of desire & focus. What are you so focused on right now?...can you see it and feel it when you close your eyes?...if so, it's about to show up in your life!...stay focused & expectant! God is the giver of every good gift. Ask, wait, receive!