The Love Songs Keep Coming | Giclée Canvas Print

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This is one of my favorite paintings! I hope you love it as well! I like how he is playing love songs to her with all he's got and she almost has a casualness about "enough already! You've been playing for hours! You're such a romantic"!...haha...but he greatly loves her and deeply wants her to RECEIVE his love. Sometimes truly receiving love in a deep genuine way truly takes a 'million' love songs before it sinks in and this guy is not giving up! It also makes me think of how this is like God's persistent love towards us. Those are some of my thoughts, but please let it speak to you uniquely. Enjoy!" -Jennifer

  • Does not need to be framed. It arrives ready to hang!
  • The image wraps around the 1.5” deep edges
  • Jennifer signs the back of the canvas along with the title of the art (whereas she does NOT hand-sign her standard canvas prints)
  • All giclée prints are printed locally and assembled by hand at Jennifer’s studio.
  • A hanging wire is attached to the back
  • Most prints are made to order so please allow up to 7 days before the artwork is shipped
  • Shipping is free in the US!