It's Good To Be Back!

It's Good To Be Back!

Hey there! Thanks so much for checking out my blog! This is the very first post so there's not much to look at quite yet, but I'm looking forward to getting this going and being able to regularly share what's going on...from sharing about new paintings, fun life stuff, events and other random things on my heart. Sometimes I'll write and other times I'll share by video so please follow and stay updated!

Also you may or may have not noticed, but I had taken approximately 2 years off from painting. I really needed to have some rest time. I've been making art full-time since I was a teenager and was feeling a little burned out. I also had some strong desires to give more time to learning and growing in the supernatural ways of God which I did get to dive into with more focus! The break time also gave me a chance to be comfortable being myself apart from being an artist. It was really healthy for me to have that experience.

So as I mentioned above I was feeling burned out on painting and one day I got a strong message from God while I was in church. He clearly told me to "put my brushes down" and I saw them on fire. It was a scary thing to do and I wasn't sure how we would have income if I didn't paint, but I listened and for the super short story things adjusted and all worked out! It gave me time to reset and get refreshed and was so great! I realize sometimes a bit of a break even from your passion is a good now I'm back and am very excited about it!

I'm beginning to make new art which feels great. I am also rebuilding some things so they can have a fresh start, such as this website! It's brand new and it feels so good to get it going! Please check it out and let me know what you think or if you have any feedback for improvements.

Thank you so much for checking out the blog and visiting my site!
Talk soon!!!


  • Rachel

    You are such an inspiration Jennifer! I found your Business card that you had given me years ago, neatly tucked away in my art stuff. All the way back (before kids ;) when I lived in Las Vegas. Fast forward 14 years later and BAM 💥 there was your card. Decluttering through all of my miscellaneous artwork and craft supplies. I decided to save it and WOW…. What a glorious find! It truly has brought so much joy to my creative heart! To see how God has given you so many Amazing colorful & wonderful gifts that you use to share about His unconditional Love. It reminds me of what my Mom has always said to me since I was a little girl, “Now all these gifts that God has given you can be used positively or negatively in your life. If you use them and find your purpose, you will bless others Tremendously and you’ll be blessed in return.” Now that’s some Mom wisdom right there, eh? LoL
    I give you a 🗣 Amen Sister!!! For stepping out in your Faith and Creating truthful thought provoking Bold magical works of art. Thanks for the reminder that we can see God’s MIRACLES all around us, big or small. We just need to slow down and be open to seeing the Truth & Believing. So thankful to finding your card & creations after all these years. 🖤

  • Darcy Main

    Love you daughter of mine and always excited to see how you evolve and express yourself! Your talent is extraordinary and so fun! So excited about your new website and renewed direction! God continue to bless, inspire and lead your passions and talents! Love you so much and your Art expression and creations❤️

  • Christina

    Love your heart, your message and your art!!! Excited to read your blogs and watch your videos!!!

  • Gerardo

    Jen, you are a great inspiration to us at PIHOP and now that I have seen your art and dreams, in my personal life. You go girl!

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