Happy Hearts❤

This is my Happy Heart Collection which celebrates all things JOY! Joy is VITAL to living a beautiful life so here is where you'll find JOY inducing images full of laughter, smiles, bliss, and being drunk on God's love. The fullness of JOY is found in God's presence.

All art purchased from this collection supports The House of Joy ministry which is a creative house of prayer Jennifer leads. Jennifer's life has been radically touched by God & his JOY and The House of Joy exists to spread the goodness of God to everyone through on-line video and in-person gatherings. 

Check it out & Join us! The House of Joy

  • all art from this collection is signed as House of Joy (not Jennifer Main)
  • The House of Joy is NOT a non-profit and purchases are not tax-deductible.
  • All funds raised through purchases from The House of Joy collection support the mission to creatively and powerfully touch lives with the power of God and his JOY.

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