Caught Up in The Glory | 11x14 Original

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  • Original acrylic painting on 11"x14" board
  • comes in a clear protective sleeve & comes UNFRAMED
  • singed by Jennifer on the front and back
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  • framed image is only an example


Jennifer's thoughts:

"To me this painting is about being so caught up in the presence of God that everything feels beyond amazing!...There's such an avalanche of His grace & faith to be able to accomplish everything & anything by his strength. In the bible clouds often represent God's GLORY and usually so much so that when his glory manifests in it's fullness people can't remain standing. They are overtaken and fall down in his cloud of glory because He is more than our little bodies can handle! There are times when I am spending extended times with him and it feels like I am somewhere in heaven and all simply feels so good & holy as I am with him that I can't move...sometimes he feels like electricity, sometimes like fire, sometimes there's shaking, sometimes there's a literal fog that has shown in our home and a couple times I thought there must be a fire because of the fogginess and then I realized I didn't need to freak out because it's simply God's presence waiting for me to be with him. haha! When we spend time with God we become more aware of his goodness. In his glory he gives us revelation, he reveals or uncovers deeper things to us that we would otherwise miss seeing or knowing. In the painting there are wheels under the feet and to me it represents God's grace, which is his power & favor. He make everything so much easier than if I were to do it all in my own strength. When we seek God he promises we'll find him and this is where the fun of life is at and in his presence is where the meaning of life is found. This painting to me is a great reminder to get away with God and ask for greater encounters of being caught up in his glory and to remain thankful for being able to "roll in his grace".