Confident | 18x24 Original Chalk Pastel

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 This is an original chalk pastel on paper I created out on the Venice Beach ocean front walk in 2019. It's somewhat of a self portrait with her hair matching my hair. I had a great time creating art outside with everyone passing by. I feel there's a look about her that speaks of a determined confidence.

I have always loved eyes and made an eye-filled makes me think of how we are always being watched by people and how they will all have different opinions and observations of you. I personally have not always felt comfortable with that fact, but have learned to be more comfortable and confident of simply being me no matter what someone else may think. In this piece she shines full of light and color and can represent being a person who fills the atmosphere with God's goodness and truth...she must stay focused on being confident of that and not let watching eyes shift her out of her identity. She instead needs to know she can bring a powerful influence to those who are watching and wanting some of that light, love, and confidence God has given her. The spirit world is watching as well as people so be one who represents what is good, right and true!