Saturated | 33x36 Original on Canvas

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This is about being saturated with the goodness of God!

Step into her reality and share what she is experiencing....His power fills her hands, she has been given authority over the enemy and devils flee, the oil of joy overflows and fills her heart as she's learned to love what God loves and hate what he hates. She is blessed with the delights from living right shown by the cake and the cup. Those in her presence are intoxicated with joy as the guy in the back lies on the ground laughing!!! It's only happening because the presence of Jesus has filled her. She has been baptized with fire from on high and the homes surrounding her have been touched by his love. She has surrendered her life to God's will and she is seeing God move through her. It's the saturated life! She is devoted to serve and worship The One, Jesus Christ, who has loved and saved her. She confidently walks in his power, love and authority. You can also step into that reality by faith right now! Believe the same is for you because it is!

  • Size: 33x36
  • Acrylic on canvas